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About Orbi First

What is Orbi First?

Orbi First is a 3PL provider operating in North America (mainly in Canada). Orbi First enhances the external logistics process from the manufacturer up to the end-customer. Working with high technologies and constantly pushing them forward, Orbi First speeds up the whole logistic process while cutting down the needed ressources. And it makes all the difference. As a result, it will allow you, as a manufacturer, to be first, everywhere.

What are the innovatives solutions offered by Orbi First?

Orbi First offers top 3PL solutions based on three main components: storage & warehousing, order fulfilment, post-purchase satisfaction.

Storage & Warehousing

Thanks to its highly innovative approach, Orbi First offers effective and low cost storage & warehousing solutions (multichannel plan) or even a Free storage & warehousing solution (Free plan). No matter the plan chosen: Orbi FIrst will lower your expenses while making the fulfillment of your orders faster and more efficient.

Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery

order fulfillment
Orbi First fulfills B2C and B2B orders directly from Canada. The order fulfillment lead time by Orbi First, is exceptionally fast: the pick => pack => scanning for shipping process, is usually completed within 45min. Orbi First fulfillment works 24/7/365, no exception. Free order fulfillment is also offered in the Orbi First Free plan.
Shipping by Orbi First is totally Free if you get the Free plan, and also is if you get the mixed plan (if the order is sold via the Orbi First channel). Meanwhile, the multichannel prices are very competitive.
Are the packages delivered by Orbi First?
The packages are either delivered the same day (within a few hours, maximum 24h) by Orbi First Delivery, or by one of the major carriers partnering with Orbi First, such as Canada Post, UPS, USPS (standard or express delivery). This depends on whether Orbi First Delivery is already available in the end-customer area or not.

Post-purchase Satisfaction

This optional service (available for free in the free plan) is highly recommended. Orbi First ensures the full satisfaction of your end-customers. This includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:
  • Customer Care Center
  • Returns and products warranty management
  • Surveys
  • Follow-ups
  • Products and brand awareness

Additional Services and Solutions

Orbi First offers additional and great solutions that are relative to the marketing of your products, such as products’ 3D rendering, products’ videos, cultural/geographical branding and marketing.
Products’ photography and videos
Orbi First can help you to enhance the visual presentation of your products. This mainly includes the pictures and edition by experts, as well as video production.
Geographical and cultural marketing
This additional service positions your products and your brand optimally on the North American market. For instance, Canada has two main cultures and languages: English and French. Quebecers and Francophones amount to about 25% of the Canadian population. Also, many aspects of the Canadian vs. American cultures differ. This is crucial to take into consideration. As an example, some marketing strategies that are successful in the USA may fail in Canada, and vice and versa. Not to mention, in the whole of North America, hispanophones amount to about 20% of the population. Knowing that, Orbi First can help you market your products according to the heterogeneous North American context.

Channels, Integration, Technologies

What are the sales channels supported by Orbi First?

With the Orbi First multichannel plan, you can virtually integrate most of the sales channels. The main sales channels include Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Aliexpress; as well as platforms and carts such as Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, etc. In all cases, the Orbi First staff will help you connect your sales channels under one sole dashboard.

Is the integration of other platforms and softwares to Orbi First easy?

Of course it is. Orbi First manages a wide range of integrations. In addition to the previously mentioned sales channels and e-commerce plateforms, Orbi First integrates, among others, the following:
  • major payment systems
  • shipping carriers
  • inventory management softwares
  • any of your other system or software, on request
You can usually connect and sync your other management systems with Orbi First, if you wish. For example, it can be quite usefull for you to sync your Orbi First inventory with your main inventory or any else.

What technologies does Orbi First use?

Orbi First uses different advanced technologies. This is achieved through partnerships, and also via research and development by Orbi First itself. As a result, everything is easier for you: you can monitor your sales online, in real time, from your dashboard. You have a global view, plus a precise view of every one of your customers’ orders and the fulfillment process engaged. And this, from the initiation of the order until the delivery, and even afterwards (post-purchase satisfaction). You even have the option to intervene manually from your dashboard. Once again, Orbi First’s system, allows you to connect all your sales channels to one sole dashboard. Plus, Orbi First is constantly pushing the limits of innovation and effectiveness, through technologies. Among many technological fields and aspects, Orib First is working with partners to enhance the following systems and technologies:
  • WMS;
  • Automated and 3D robotic warehousing;
  • AI in delivery systems;
  • AI in supply chain management.

Prices, and Free Plan

Prices, as well as the Free plan, will be explained to you during your first (free) consultation. A very important point to understand is that Orbi First does NOT charge hidden fees, nor surprise fees such as “setup”, software or monthly fees. If you use the multichannel plan instead of the free plan, you will see the price structure is designed in a concrete and smooth manner. It is easy to understand and integrate into your business management. Furthermore, accountability and analysis will probably be easier for you.
Free Plan
This includes:
  • Storage & Warehousing
    • the entire reception process: [Free]
    • shelving: [Free]
    • storage: [Free]
  • Order Fulfillment
    • pick & pack: [Free]
    • Shipping: [Free]
  • Post-purchase Satisfaction: [Free]
Multichannel Plan
Reception (entire process), Warehousing, Order Fulfillment (including shipping): [Low Cost] by Orbi First.
Mixed Plan
  • Only orders passed through other sales channels have a storage-warehousing and order fulfillment cost (and shipping): [Low Cost] by Orbi First.
  • Otherwise, the whole process, including shipping, is Free

Need more information?

For more information, or to set your free consultation, please use the form at the bottom of this page. A specialist will get in contact with you shortly. We will work with you to determine whether Orbi First can be a good fit for your business and products.
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