Free Storage & Warehousing

Storage & Warehousing
Free plan available

You can use any plan, or even a mix of both:

Multichannel plan

  • Sell your products on the channels of your choice (B2C and B2B);
  • Cut off your storage, warehousing and order fulfillment costs;
  • Beneficiate fully from the Orbi First rapideness and efficiency;
  • Be first, everywhere

Free plan

Choose Orbi First as your sale channel and get:
  • Free Storage of your products;
  • Free warehousing and order fulfillment;
  • Free Shipping & Delivery included;

Mixed plan

  • Continue or start selling on other channels, additionally to the Orbi First sales channel;
  • Cut off your storage, warehousing and order fulfillment costs;
  • Get a totally Free storage, warehousing, and order fulfillment through Orbi First’s sales channel;
  • Beneficiate from Free Shipping & Delivery through Orbi First.
You will benefit greatly from the
fastest Order Fulfillment system
Free warehousing & order fulfillment - by Orbi First
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