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Start benefiting from the Fastest Order Fulfillment system 45-minute pick & ship

Phase 1 30-min Picking & Quality/Integrity final check
Phase 2 15-min Packing & Branding and Quality guidelines
Phase 3 Fast Shipping & Optimal Delivery process
Phase 4 Order Fulfilled: Happy End-customer
Easy integration | B2C & B2B Sales channels and platforms
One sole dashboard – 100% automated
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Shopify Logo - Orders Fulfilled by Orbi First
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All-in-One System Integrate all your Sales Channels, plateforms, and third-party services
Qualifying manufacturers and brands benefit from a a complete logistics solution Warehousing & Free Shipping included
Start benefiting from the
fastest Order Fulfillment system
Free warehousing & order fulfillment - by Orbi First
Orbi First offers the fastest Order Fulfillment process possible. Usually, the Orbi First fulfillment process is completed within 45 minutes (from the picking until the product is scanned for shipping). Also, Orbi First operates 7-days/week, 24h/day, 365 days/year.
Thanks to the FREE wharehousing plan, or the multichannels plan, Orbi First will help you to cut off your expenses. And, you will also benefit from better service.
Orbi First develops and works with high tech systems. Thus, this ensures a smooth and better process from warehouse up to your end-customers. Also, the integration between Orbi First’s system, and sytems or plateforms you already use, is pretty easy. Additionally, Orbi First’s developpers can do all the integration work for you, without any problem.
Overall quality is another top priority at Orbi First. This includes an excellent order accuracy, as well as your branding integrity and enhancement, among other things.
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Orbi First is a high-tech oriented and innovation-driven company
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